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COMMON CENTAURS. The most common centaurs are half human, half horse. They are the sturdiest of all the centaur breeds, save for the dragonian centaurs, and are the most populous.

UNICORNIAN CENTAURS. There still exsist, however, small pockets of unicornian centaurs. These, however, have only two legs, in the fashion of satyrs, and a single white horn protruding from the forehead. This horn begins to grow around adolencence and reaches its full length around the age of eighteen.

DRAGONIAN CENTAURS. This particular breed of centaur possesses the upper body of a human and the entire body, subtracting the head and neck, of a dragon. They are very rare, and tend towards mountainous regions.

ZEBRONIAN CENTAURS. These are half human, half zebra and rarely spotted. They tend to be thinner than common centaurs.

DONKONIAN CENTAURS. These half human, half donkey centaurs tend to be more short and stocky than common centaurs. Though many common centaurs believe in equality, some still hold prejudices against the Donkonians.

MULIAN CENTAURS. These centaurs are procreated by relations between a common centaur and a donkonian centaur. They cannot reproduce and are the most discriminated of all the centaurian breeds.


Half human and half fish, mermaids possess great beauty and, on average, lovely singing voices. Though confined to the water, they can lounge on rocks and beaches, save their fins always touch the water. They are able to speak outside of the water, as well as underwater, and often converse with other species.

Usually playful, if not mischievous, mermaids tend to be lithe and agile. The mermen tend to be more stoic, serious, and possess a more brute strength.


Naga are half human, half snake. Fully human in size, they are able to stand their human part upright in the fashion of a cobra. Only one intermixed breed of naga exists, covering many different colors and patterns of scale.

The war between the naga and the common and donkonian centaurs has gone on for centuries. Though rarely staging actual battles, the two species never stay from their own boundaries unarmed, and the two species rarely if ever meet without casualties resulting.


Half human and half two-legged goat, they are always male and usually rather dim-witted and brutish, though exceptions may exist. They are immortal, incapable of death, and are interested in one thing only: the capture and ravishment of a nymph.


Extraordinarily fast and extremely empty-headed, nymphs are by far the most beautiful of the species. They spend most of their time flitting about and trying to avoid being captured by satyrs.


Elves usually don't give a crap about other species besides themselves and rarely if ever venture onto half-human land without very good reason. They are lovely, solemn, and always very old.


Occasionally a human or small group of humans will somehow end up on half-human land with absolutely no idea where they are or how they got there.


It is a normal day sometime around the end of spring and the beginning of summer. The majority of half-human lands is made up of a large valley with streams running through it and a pearl necklace of small lakes coiled in it's middle where the mermaids reside. All centaurian species riside in this valley, excepting the dragonian centaurs, living in the mountains to the north.

There are vast forests to the south in which the nymphs, satyrs, and naga reside. To the east and west stretches wilderness, rarely ventured into.

The edge of the forest is where the most conflict between the centaurs and naga take place, for it is there that the ripest and best fruit grows wild, and where the largest and sweetest freshwater stream flows.
I'm only posting this here so I can point others to it if needed on roleplays and such. It's not meant to be a masterpeice, and barely any of it comes from my own imagination. I did not invent any of these creatures.
Anti-nutella Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for this. Just the reference source I need.
AzureAllure Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011
"Half human, half zebra,and rarely spotted"
Well of course, when have you seen a spotted zebra? :P
DragonEpic94 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
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